FAQs About Mural Water Fountains

Most fountains can be properly maintained simply by keeping the water level up, and wiping them down regularly.

All of our water fountains include pumps that keep the water in the fountain recirculating, so there is no need for a dedicated water source. The water that you add to your fountain can be either tap water.

Nine times out of ten, a noisy pump is caused by insufficient water level in the fountain. Other causes that rarely occur are: debris (prevented by using a screen or filter), vibrations from the pump (prevented by the use of suction cups on most pumps, but an alternative is a small sponge underneath), or using chemical cleaners in the fountain or water (prevented by following manufacturers directions for cleaning and care).

    1. Check all the fittings that make sure are connected (hose/pump/water and PVC hole pipe)
    2. Regards floor fountain only, place the empty stand first into the base
    3. Take-care the insert of Art Tile Murals and gently slide into the tube by holding top and bottom of an individual art tile mural.
    4. Insert the black rubbers in between the back of Art Tile Murals with the tube.
    5. Close the top lid
    6. If light comes part of fountain, insert & tilt the light into the hole of the tray
    7. Fill up the water and level within about 1 centimeter from the top of the basin
    8. Place the tray onto the base and add pebbles onto the tray if available
    9. Plug the electrical leads of pump and light into the socket and switch on.

Our quality water fountains are designed to minimize the amount of splashing that occurs. Other things that you can do to prevent splashing:

    1. Make sure, the fountain is level
    2. Keep the water level within about 1 centimeter from the top of the basin
    3. Add pebbles, stones, or glass gems onto the basin tray
    4. If the water fountain has PVC holes, check if the holes are blocking water if so, use toothpick to unblock and using soft cloth and wipe the pipe area of surface, where the water holes are
    5. Check and adjust the pump’s water flowing control wheels or knobs down or up slightly
    6. Don’t place the fountain in a spot where it can be bumped

All of our fountains include pumps that have flow control wheels or knobs. The amount of water flow can be adjusted within a fairly wide range in most models, giving you the freedom to regulate the flow and noise levels.

If needs, use an algaecide to prevent, which keeps algae from growing in your fountain.

Water Feature Porcelain

Tile Size:

w30cm x h30cm

w60cm x h30cm

Water Feature Porcelain Art Tile Mural Sizes:

w90cm x h30cm (3 Single Art Tiles)

w60cm x h90cm (6 Single Art Tiles)

w60cm x h120cm (8 Single Art Tiles)

w60cm x h180cm (12 Single Art Tiles)

w30cm x h90cm (3 Single Art Tiles)

w120cm x h150cm (20 Single Art Tiles)

If needs, we recommend that you completely drain and refill your water fountain. For larger fountains, the best way to do this is with a wet-dry vacuum, and a garden hose attached to a faucet. For smaller fountains, the wet-dry vacuum works equally well for draining, but you might want to use a small pitcher, jug or watering can for refilling. Always remember to use water treatment when refilling, to keep your fountain clean and your pump operating correctly.

ALL our portable Mural Water Fountains’ Art Tile Murals can be replaceable to other new water feature art tile murals, if you want to.

In case of breakages, you may order single replacement tile mural. Please check with our sales department for further information.

Here are some tips about caring for your indoor portable mural water fountain.

To clean the pump – Unplug the fountain from the electrical outlet. Remove the pump from the base of the fountain, and then gently use a small brush or a stream of water to remove any debris.

To keep water clean – We recommend that you clean your fountain once a year, at which time you should also change the water as much as possible, keeping the water clean prevents the water from becoming sticky and forming micro-organisms. To prevent algae, you may use an algaecide, which can be purchased from any fish/pet supply store or garden product store.

Keeping the water at an optimum level – Add water periodically to keep water level at optimum level and to avoid damaging and shortening the life of your pump.

Please NOTE: Never let the pump dry, as this will damage the pump.